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Friday, July 3, 2015

Explosion Gulfport Florida Reported at Time of Threat To Alamo FBI SAT Texas

Extortion of several Veterans by the Threat of the Explosion
Auditory MSgt Kills Himself while signing off my Hearing Loss likely to true band this as well as other airmen were part of a test group -weapons testing

"All Explosions are a terrorist act (*Obama 2014)

"I wrote the letter from Arabia while  asking why there was a delay of my replacement FAA card, three days the Federal Building explodes and still have the replacement card framed and hanging on my wall."
See my notes blocked by hackers "Watching the Texans barbecue along the barbed wire fence on Chinese Network TV" as William Sessions attacks the Davidson Waco Texas Compound 'Waco lunatics both Sessions and the Waco Wacko'

  I hope everybody finally made there way to the Phone number on Atascosa County Texas HHS Report Below,
'The Highest Order' and we are all singing about Jesus. Amen!.

'e' Did not get the message
Too Bad
Extortion of VA Entitlements Due disabled Veteran  who is an Agent Orange Vietnam  Veteran Atomic Recovering quadriplegic 

Must of been a miracle - I found the hard copy papers today! 10:46 07/20/2015
Who Has My File On Their Desk Today?
Last CP Exam Ordered Moot and could be criminal
because I already past the CP Test Several Times 100% Disabled - U.S. Agent Orange Vietnam Veteran Atomic Recovering quadriplegic 

Paper lost during One of the Comas 2002
Just Asked In Writing and Verbal Congressman Henry Cuellar Texas 28th He Has Had my Paperwork
And is now in Violation of Federal Law
"I Asked his office for proof of my presence in Vietnam"
When your federal grant is a gift as if from the Masonic Order of the Masons

VA Known Hackers to Save Their Jobs 14:14 07/03/2015
Others Trying to Prove a Failed Application of Home Intrusion

Do I have to drive to Gulf Auditory Federal Base Breach and file a police complaint? No - contact Senator Cornyn He Knows All About It. FBI privacy release signed four days ago.

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