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Monday, July 20, 2015

The Bush Empire Strikes Back with No Authority

When the War Spreads 
To South Central Texas 

The Easiest investigation in the world – 
Who Got the Money?
Don't Tell me she is related to Combs the SAT FBI Director
'We find it very hard to believe that our previous President Bush is Aware of Security Firm treasonous acts paid for by your own tax dollars to bring all Texans harm.'

Called The Secret Service 09:42 AM Concerning additional information after the breach of Terrorism documents, classified U.S. Information, U.S. Military Aircraft within feet of home, web suicide claims of a Navy Seal Intel officer in Afghanistan properly reported to the FBI San Antonio Texas and Sheriff's Office 15-01097 and Blanket report 13-06038 13-06038 Sheriff Soward Atascosa County 1208 Campbell Jourdanton Texas 78026 830.3434

ICFBI internet communicationsproblem we are all experiencing on the web

A report of the same was made to Senator John Cornyn web page 11:30pm 06/23/2015 that was hacked. To make sure he gets this important message and others important details scrabbled, stolen, sold to foreign entities by Bane Private Security Firms connected to Tristar, which Is no less than treason against the United States of America. 456135816 we made appointment with Senator Cornyn 400 Navarro St. San Antonio Texas.

I 456135816 told officer kindly  “when somebody threatens to call the police in a public area you make sure they follow through and resolve the issue then and there because I have been swatted [by deadly force] two times” for the same. The constable’s response "I don't understand?"

All act professionally, while we were in the build under the tightest surveillance. Judge Bradley, who knows me personally and has been invited into my home acts as if we are strangers and still has not responded to Actual True Terrorist(s) and Terrorist Network eyewitness reports sworn before him in his court as early as 2009 and at later dates.

Now he has three Military Aircraft incidents that endangered his whole precinct #2 Judge Bradley Atascosa County South Central Texas failed to  give warning to his constituents or notifying the Federal Bureau of Investigation who 456135816 is am an eyewitness, victim(s), and informant that lead to the arrest and or death of said terrorist  including Osama bin Laden.

Judge Bradley selfhess actions for favors from Congressman Cuellar Texas District 28th Precinct #2 put the Sheriff's Department in a dangerous situation were shotguns were necessary to protect the police sheriff's deputies - who we all support.

By Ted Lavender who makes the corruption smell better
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