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Monday, June 22, 2015

Intense Interrogation and Torture

Cool Hand Luke

 When The Police Get Caught with No Due Cause. The Police Endanger Your lives based on Lies and Fiction. In Texas Their stories May Lead to 
*Intense Interrogation and 
*"Behavior that is Concerning and now known by FBI Forensics with medical empirical facts"
And Requested By The FBI
Ethnography Donated To the VA for Research 

In Case of 456135816  Intense Interrogation 
Torture was the result of Police data breaches [Hackers Data Miners] and conspirators who weaved such a tale, could face life in prison up to the death penalty.

"Communication No Problem"
The movie Cool Hand Luke "It's Not About Your Rights It's When The Police Commit A Capital Crime
And The Police Did and
The Police could face life up to the Death Penalty"

It even get worse "We are going to make it hard on your whole family" a Communist Chinese Tacit of threatening the girl friends family, if they did not lure the Rogue Traders back to china, who collapse the Asian Market 1994. Little did they know their final destination was a Beijing Prison and they are still there. 

The master mind of the electronic scam still sits in a Malaysia Prison, as his co-conspirators are locked behind bars in Beijing. 

How to Survive the Texas Post-Chinese Surveillance Model?
Have K street make your Senator Sweat.

"You guys need to find a new line of work (The Shootist)."
A Network by design flaw aided in the Asian Market Collapse 1994

The Town of 'Yellow Sky' 
Texas Intense Interrogation and 
"They Could Of Pick-up The Phone and Asked. Little did they know I already went directly to the FBI after reporting to the police"

Intelligence effort named citizens, not terrorists By EILEEN SULLIVAN and MATT APUZZO | Associated Press – 3 hrs ago.
WASHINGTON (AP) — A multibillion-dollar information-sharing program created in the aftermath of 9/11 has improperly collected information about innocent Americans and produced little valuable intelligence on terrorism, a Senate report concludes. It portrays an effort that ballooned far beyond anyone's ability to control.
What began as an attempt to put local, state and federal officials in the same room analyzing the same intelligence has instead cost huge amounts of 
money for data-mining software, flat screen televisions and, in Arizona, two fully equipped Chevrolet Tahoes that are used for commuting, investigators 

The lengthy, bipartisan report is a scathing evaluation of what the Department of Homeland Security has held up as a crown jewel of its security efforts. The report underscores a reality of post-9/11 Washington: National security programs tend to grow, never shrink, even when their money and manpower far surpass the actual subject of terrorism. Much of this money went for 
ordinary local crime-fighting.

Read The Full Article:

When The Police Get Caught with No Due Cause. The Police Endanger Your lives based on Lies and  Fiction. In Texas It Can And Had Lead too 
Intense Interrogation and 

Texas TV Jacking Personal Intrusion Trespassing

'All Trespassers Will Be Shot on Site'

A New Niche a device to trigger a ping to 'shoot the trespassers!'

Sony on the Verizon Sunset

These weapons for personal protection are available. If the State of Texas cannot Protect Our Homes, Families, and Property - we have a right to those same electronic weapons, just as sure as if a bandit walk into our home and we blast the bandit in chest with a double barrel shotgun as a cheer from those abused watch the body do a double backflip back out our door - waiting for pick-up by the local sheriff. 

The Following pic were transferred to our home P.C. hacked and run through a 2ndary pass of the hackers remote actions 06/19/2015 approx. 10:00am. These electronic attacks in Atascosa County Texas Have a Blanket Sheriff's Investigation Case Number 13-06038.

In this case an abused family of a veteran who is a victim of several acts of mass destruction and a witness who reported to the appropriate agencies for protection of his the veteran's family and just did again................

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