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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

NSAFID:021382 Number Hacked into FBI Web Page Saving For Texas Rainy Day Fund Pay 456135816

Senator Cruz Discloses Unpublished Story
Panama Frank
Waiting for A Response from Congress
Bexar County Is Still Investigating This Case Post For Their Information
When You Best Friend On Facebook Is A Homicide Detective

So We Go To Bexar County Homicide and Report 11/17/2014 12 PM See Police Report of Aerial Attack Investigation is Valid and So are 
all Texas Victims of Crime Reports Submitted By 456135816

Several Crews Members Die In Vain related or unrelated unknown or do we have a need to know but Ken Paxton Victims of Crime Cannot Deny The Claim Again
11/08/2014 First Post

Senator Ted Cruz Uses NSA for Senatorial Abuse Obstruction of a FBI Terrorist Investigation.

Service Connected Veteran Found Dead On The Floor 2ndary 

Senator Ted Cruz Must Pay the Price and Stop Censoring the Fact That He Is Involved with Drug Trafficking known by Mexico and Texas.

Drug Trafficking is Terrorism Defined by the 911 Patriot Act.

The Texas Tea Party Attacks rightful Mineral Stakeholders, Assets, Patient Rights and anyone associated with the rightful owners.

NSAFID:021382 U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Office of Inspector General/Mail Stop 2600 245 Murray Drive, SW, Building 410 Washington, DC 20528
Dear Department of Homeland Security

Update: 10/08/2014

Do You Know That There Is 
A War Going ON?
Get out of my System Now You Are Violating Federal Law
Hacks in the system 05:43 am 05/29/2015
Hey Cruz there is a Mexican Cartel Leader in Jail Snitching you and Rick Perry Off so That Makes You
A Drug Trafficker As defined by the 911 Patriot Act a Terrorist that supports ISIS
How Would I Know?

Not A Political Statement The Tea Party Are Terrorist
The Damage Done By The Texas Tea Party
The Tip of The Iceberg
Transferred To The Texas Victims of Crime
Who Retaliated With Deadly Force
Why? They Don't Want to Go To Jail

There are several others claims not posted
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