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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What Se Houston Texas Embedded In My PC

It's a long way to the Top

What They Stole From My Private Sector PC

Beginning in 2006, NSA’s domestic security program started to go completely out-of-control by reacting to bogus reports from private security firms, who get rewarded for producing negative intelligence about United States citizens. Positive intelligence does not pay. 

The best example, Private Security Firms hired by billionaire Donald Trump. Donald Trump did not get what he wanted when he visited the White House and hired a Private Security Firm to dig up bogus dirt about our President of the United States to discredit him.

Positive, valid and sound intelligence reports of a person of interest, just does not pay. If anyone knows, how I and others feel, who have been targeted by Private Firms, which includes the bi-lateral co-operation with sworn law enforcement officers, agents, and covert intelligence officers is President Barack Obama.  Not long ago, these mercenaries were commonly referred to by many names such as pencil dics, hotel dics, or private dics.

While living in Thailand, a restaurant owner established behind my bungalow, was debating if he really could afford twenty-four hour armed personnel security protection, and had given the company reasonable notice. A once peaceful quite Island beach resort, overnight became let up with gun fire, break in attempts, and the owner received many anonymous threats to himself and family!

I wish I could have told him what was happening; as I watch the scams take place by his own paid security personnel, out my back window in the early morning hours. Successful expatriates, those that live to a ripe old age to write their memoirs, learn quickly to keep their nose out of other people’s business.  Positive intelligence just does not pay when you’re in the private security business.

'Eight Pages of Hate'
Is All Criminal Programmers Had Written

I could of quoted eight pages of biblical versus or the first eight pages of Moby Dick, but what they were after was this from "Why we are losing the war on drugs"

"Contact your congressional representative for a more open and decisive plan on the “war on drugs” before we have another loss of American lives on American Soil- Billions of Federal dollars wasted on domestic surveillance that can only report the destruction and never predict or stop a single criminal act." 

Like I said, all the money in world invested in domestic surveillance could not prevent this criminal act upon me and the passenger of the vehicle! [These helicopters are operated by the State of Texas and trigger by Military Intelligence upon command of Texas Governor Rick Perry RP08.]

ReferenceIn a 1993 U.S. Air Command and Staff College paper entitled Non Lethal Technology and Air Power, authors Maj. Jonathan W. Klaaren (USAF) and Maj. Ronald S. Mitchell (USAF) outlined selected NLT weapons. These included "Acoustic" (pulsed/attenuated high-intensity sound, infrasound (very low frequency) and Polysound (high volume, distracting) as well as high-power microwaves (HPM) that possessed the ability to deter or incapacitate human beings. 
The Citation was Removed By Hackers

In November 2012, Human Rights Watch published 2012, “Ban ‘Killer Robots’ before It’s Too Late.” Governments should preemptively ban fully autonomous weapons because of the danger they pose to civilians in armed conflict, 

Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. These future weapons, sometimes called “killer robots,” would be able to choose and fire on targets without human intervention. The 50-page report, “Losing Humanity: The Case against Killer Robots,” outlines concerns about these fully autonomous weapons, which would inherently lack human qualities that provide legal and non-legal checks on the killing of civilians. 

In addition, the obstacles to holding anyone accountable for harm caused by the weapons would weaken the law’s power to deter future violations.

In 2010 I began working with people on line and by telephone who have been stalked or believe to be victims of Bio Non-Lethal Weapons Attacks. The most frequent questions asked of me are:

A. Where would I start or who would I report the experience? 

B.     Will people think I am crazy or mentally disturbed?

Number 1 – Don’t worry if people think you are crazy, because the law looks at you as if you have a valid allegation, and assists you if you are disabled. Which you are not, or you did not say so [The person in this particular case and most cases].

Maybe, my experience will help you? The VA tried to pull that on me,  I had the privilege to talk with a patient advocate, who straighten the whole thing out, and they gave me a new doctor, who look at my record, found that I have a traumatic brain injury; however, I have several degrees that support the fact that I am a logical, reasonable, and rational human being. In other words, I am not crazy or what I am saying is true or I am lying.

So, tell the truth, do not lie or stretch the truth, because that will be the 2nd hurtle if you lie – you lose all your credibility. People will no longer believe what you say. Do you remember the story "The little boy who cried Wolf”?

Maybe the details of my experience will help you at this link:

1 a.  You need to show empirical (physical) evidence that such devices exist and are used. You can fine the Burden of Proof at these links:

That They Exist:

That They Have Been Used:
1 b. You need to report each and every event to your local police office. It is not unusual for them to laugh you out of their office, but ask for a Police Report Number and the business card of the Officer that took down the report. A good video to watch before you go to the station, which will build your confidence, so you know what to expect, at this


1 c. If they do not take you seriously, don’t call, go down to your local FBI Office and sign in to talk to an FBI Investigate Special Agent. Again, ask for a report number and the business card of the Agent. To locate your home town FBI offices go to this link:

Note:  Do not lie to the FBI because it is a Federal Criminal Offense.

1 d. After you have talked to the FBI, make copies of the information. Write a simple letter to the Secret Service and email them on the web and copy the page that says “Thank you we received your message.” Go to this link:

Don’t expect a reply because that is why they call them the “Secret” Service; however, they respond professionally, you just do not know about it or should you care. Your only reasonability is to report and keep the documentation that you did so.

1 e. Look up all your (entire) Representatives, State and Federal by going to this link:

Send them all an email stating the same thing, short and sweet. Be respectful first, by stating “Your Honorable So and So of District so and so.” Next, write down their physical address and mail them the long version with copies of all the reports, or just the report numbers, you submitted to law enforcement.

1 f. Wait for a response, no more than two weeks, then go physically to your local Congressional Representative Office and fill out a complaint. Ask for a congressional investigation, because all other means of due process (going to the police and ect..) have failed. Again, to find the office locations go to this link:

2. Communication is key – Documentation, Documentation, Documentation. If you follow the steps above, you will have satisfied that criteria. Also, get your family, friends and those that are supportive involved. They will be your best supportive help; especially, those that are a witness to such events. Ignore those that are insensitive or like you stated, “Think I am crazy.”

3. If you believe that you have been a victim of a Bio, Electronic non-lethal weapon experimentation such as an EMF Attack, you should see a Psychologist and discuss the matter with him or her. You may need some psychiatric help, because it is a traumatic experience, but the psychologist will know best, and refer you to a doctor if that is the case.

What is the difference between a Psychiatrist and Counseling Psychologists? Psychiatrists are medical doctors who treat mental illness with medicine such as my brain injury. A Psychologist sits with you and talks with you, over a period of time like a sounding board, to help you get over a traumatic event, real or perceived.

Your visit will be added documentation to your case, which will help your case. In most states this is the case but be cautious about some states such as Texas. 

I wrote the  article concerning people being falsely accused of mental illness in Texas titled “The Lunar Virus Pandemic” to exploit those that have no defense or legal representation,  which is the point of law concerning the case in the Western District Court:

The State of Texas vs The Honorable Rick Perry

G. N. O’Dell 04/26/2012

What Happened after I filed so there was movement on the case but they stopped
Now There was Bowl Movement
ii. 03/25/2015 Somethings Take a Real Cowboy

To Be Nice and not scare people 'Is just a model airplane' wrong!

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