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Friday, February 13, 2015

What Texas Radio and the Big Beat Is All About

Trillions of Dollars for Domestic Surveillance

Microwave Towers Statues of Fools

I Guess Monday Is Another Holiday?

Texas cannot protect a child, school, bank, oil refinery, mineral rights of private citizens or stop one ‘bum run’ stealing beer at the local corner store. 

Every tower you see is a big wet dream by incumbents to hold power. 

Or Process one Hand written Criminal Complaint

A very Good Example of just one out of 1,000's

The FM Eagle Radio That Thought It Could 
But Couldn't

Don't Make Me Be You Breach Of Burden Level II The Ten Story Mountain of Texas Surveillance 

United States of America vs MusXe* 
MusXe Hypothetical*
An Valid ADA Filed Complaint Cannot Research On the Web no access to goods and services 

The Title Should Read: "The Texas Ten Story Mountain of Human Exploitation"
Posted During George Bush Term 
Big Brother is not referring to any President
Read the Book

“If You Enter San Antonio You Will Be Targeted"

"If you enter San Antonio you will be targeted 2011" on my radio transponder underneath the caption said. (See Sheriff’s Report Five Texas Counties) Not all counties where a Sheriff is elected, will they allow such abuse of their own constituents. Texas Sheriffs are elected officials and Law Enforcement. They are sworn to protect and serve. 

See United States vs MuzXe* subliminal messages 1979 I as well as many others cannot search the web for general information. In this case we are referring to what was once called ‘elevator music’ in the 1980’s. The point here is that our congress writes laws that only a few people understand and who benefit from the law they pass most are paid lobbyist who guarantee incumbent positions some for life. They do not care who they harm and the laws only change when the laws they write harm them and theirs! Hey! They are all Lawyers, need i justify their ethical positions further -no!

If you drive on a Texas State Highway the property is owned by all people of the state and regulated by the Department of Public Safety and other agencies. You and I do not own the highway, so we must abide by the law or lose our privilege to use public roads. 

Then There is 'The Breach of Burden' of Proof
Criminal Charges Filed Against the State of Texas In Five Texas Counties 'Read It Read It' 

The Information I provide is to serve you not to contradict classified safety measures know only to the DPS and others authorized personnel. Of Course, those that have been abused know and that is what we call the "Breach of Burden of Proof" You do have right of free speech, but why say something that is not helpful and may harm the protection in place? Just one of my blogging rules you can say as you please.

Then there is the Private Sector who now control the radio station and if you live anywhere near these large metropolitan areas, you are moving and a grooving to bad computer applications tune, overriding your right to reason on your own, if you know it or not. 

Soon we will be able to count the traffic accidents these radio stations are liable for which includes fatal deaths more distracting then texting while driving. 

It is my public duty to inform DPS that these stations are violating laws already on the books and can target individual vehicles and modify your behavior, which is not behavioral control but human exploitation. It has always been the case they can listen to you via your radio but it is not legal in every sense, "every receiver is a transmitter and every transmitter is a receiver." One clown prove it one day as I read my conversation on in my car on the web 'The Breach of Burden of Proof'.

"We are all going through this, some worse than others, some profit from it and others are dead and gone from IT."
Beat It Beat It:
  In the meantime, use common sense and make them listen to you and jam and rock with your own tunes. Many people said Michael Jackson was a nut, but listen to "Beat It" he knew what Sonny was doing and tried to warn U.S.

Ted Lavender Reporting from the Dead

Keep a log Chief Detective Bexar County Homicide - You think I got a problem with law-enforcement your crazy the only friends U got when somebody wants to U.
He has Probably been promoted to Director of the Homicide Department by now 
The Daily Double: 02/04/2015 Veterans Have To Watch Doctors Type In Prescription Hackers Are so Bad in Texas. The Bush Team still on duty retaliating

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