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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Water Rustlers SAWS San Antonio claims to own the water show U.S. a Bill of Sale for the Rain

Water Rustl'n is a Hanging Offense
The River that Flowed Los angles Texas to 
Artesian Wells
Picture belongs on another page but cannot manage too long on the internet because of hack attacks from Political Prompting, Content Thieves, Private Dick Moonlighters to actual Terrorist Threats 

"We are all going through it, some worse than others. Some died from I.T. and worse of all are those that profited off the harm. They are easy to identify they usually make their way from K street to your Senator's office"
by fate or Divine Intervention I found I.T. There is no problem with applications that work!
You guys need to find a new line of work!

 Water Texas water rustlers SAWS San Antonio claim to own the water show me a Bill of Sale 

Governments Role in the Economy 
And the Ultimate Constituent

Governments role in a free market economy is to Apply [Anti-apply is Inaction by government] policies  and laws to insure that there is equal access to information, No monopolies and limitations on eternities. Eternities are a cost of benefit imposed on people other than the consumer and producer of a goods or service.

The ultimate constituent takes action, when in action endangers a group or person a necessary element of a constituency or person who represents 'they' such as family members  who cannot speak for themselves out of fear of retribution, denied equal access to information for any reason such as applications or person(s) who target 'they' cannot freely make a rational decision in some cases could or have come to harm without a spokesperson the Ultimate Constituent has the power by law and punishment by law for not taking action to address congress with or our without representation with the same powers of the elected official who denied 'they' access but giving access to others of an elected constituency.  

When any Representative  excludes  'they or denies access to the Ultimate Constituent, and all forms of due process have failed by inaction by state or federal government or both. The Ultimate Constituent has the power of a congressional district and seat of power in the legislative branch in ext-ermine cases  that cost 'They" and no recourse to compensate 'They' who are denied entitlements such as to pay debts to a communist country before paying 'They' such as disable veterans denied entitlements by in action of congress or the Senate the President of the United States Can and Will pass any measure to disband  monopolies created by denial of equal information. 

Texas Private Security firms must disclose every bit of information collected sense 2000 in the State of Texas and possibly other states.

God Bless America!

Nope John Bohner and congress do not live up to their  oaths

It must of been a good argument to be hacked to death and not have access to complete it ...................

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