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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Gif for You

 Texas Tea Party
I Am A Protected Witnesses and Informant for A Reason
Not To Protect Me - That Should Worry the Hacking Tea Party

A Disc Found At Home and I Hold Just Like All Other Evidence
The Video Removed By Me
Contact Me If You Need A Copy
I Am Not Anonymous You Know My Name, Phone Number  and Address
Added Links by Me 2250 Hours 06/24/2014
Because My Documents Are Stolen Out of My P.C. So I Post To Track
*A Hacker Right Now is Trying Correct my Text about Something They Don't Know and FBI Does 'Hacked vs. Leaked'

A disc not made by me to que to DVD but Has *Hacked Images of mine and others 3/04/2013. Most of The Images already Reported at the time of event to law enforcement see blog in time period. It shows Audio But it cannot be heard or do I know any of the people in the video such as the Mexican Drug Cartel. The Pics Where Embedded Just like in years in the past by Houston Se disguising themselves as Ukrainian Defectors or the Mexican Tea Party Drug Cartel. The hackers Sometimes suggested they are The CIA - Bizarre these guys Houston Se

The Digital Signatures Authorization of Texas Governor Rick Perry 
Are Pointing to Houston Se

'Always Keep Your Hard Copies, Only Post What You Want Them to See'

'Hackers Still In My System Interrogating My Private Docs without Legal Representation. It's Been Going over 8 Years For Reporting Terrorism that led to the arrest and Death of Said Terrorist 

I do not communicate with faceless people call the Secret Service Washington D.C. at 202-406-5800 They help me and I am sure they will help you. 

Hackers will disguised themselves of Person of Public Trust Such The FBI or Secret Service, the CIA, NSA and They Are Not!  

'Best advice do not communicate with the hacker but try to report the attack as clearly and factually as you can."

What? Me Worry
But I Am Not Worried

'I Don't Have A Need to Know' - That Should Worry The Interrogators. 
A Causal Relationship to Oppression, Torment and Electronic Bio-lethal Torture

They Threaten My VA Entitlements Over Due for Twenty Years Again For Filing Valid Police Reports in 2010
Where I Am Due Crimes Stopper Rewards

I am not an investigator or do I have an end to my means expect for protection for constant death threats reported to law enforcement.

The Things They Claim will financially decimate Me
Not By Law but by Texas Corruption
"You Already Done That I Been Living without for 8 Years"
The Same Guy That Brought Boeing To San Antonio with 6000 Jobs

"You Can Say (And I know Ted Cruz does not understand now) You Don't Understand It But You Cannot Say You Did Not Get I.T."

 Why Data Miners without a Face-to-Face investigator fails each and every time. 

2. That's No Way To Kill Roaches

3. A gif for You 2

4. Joe Biden Says I Can Bring My Shotgun Back To The Farm

5. "We Want Our Gold Bars Back (Perry 2013)"

6. Who Is Watching Who And Do They Know What They Are Doing?

7. Texas Human Experimentation Outside of Protocol
Youtube Video

8. ∆ If the number of Suicides has increased with the number of Psychiatrist

9. The Overnight Collapse Texas Police State - You Can’t Beat Us (The Police) Join Us!

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