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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hackers driven let it lay Federal data by intent logical linguistic links here cannot post to law enforcement

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Update Hacker Driven: 07/01/2014 Revised 04/26/2015
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I Should've Known Better Than to Ask
They Did It Again
Veteran Attacked In Transit to VA

Arrest The Texas Tea Party Today

The only way I knew how to protect us from attacks was to disclose that we were friendly on the Internet. I don't recommend this but when your life is in danger you do whatever can by any means to protect those that you love. Mary and I knew that no matter what action we took we were going to be stalked mercilessly by criminal elements as well as protective agents, who still did not who I was or what the hell I was trying to say!

I am a protected TS Veteran by the Secret Service – all those involved committed treason by torturing a national security hero Ssgt Gregory O’Dell and put me at risk that I still hold secret. The devices used on me are torture and still wait debriefing from an intelligence officer. I will require rehabilitation, and financial assistance because of the mental and financial decimation; a direct causal factor of seven years of abuse by the state of Texas requested by me to my VA doctor, who has never made appointment with a Fort Sam Houston hospital that specialize in torture and ionizing bio weapons prognosis and treatment of symptoms associated with the illegal and in my case treasonous attacks on a sworn veteran who holds secret historic ramifications during a time or war and life.

Ssgt O'Dell disabled veteran placed his own body in harm’s way enduring torture and integration devices illegally used on me by the State of Texas for seven years or longer – Started During the Bush Administration.

Noted by a Reserve Fort Sam Army doctor that fail to come to my aid in 2005, who as a civilian doctor treated me as service connected before the VIOXX organ failure ect...

Therefore, all my claims and harm to my immediate family are valid and I am due VA entitlements with back pay, other compensation and rewards retrieved by DOJ office to the fullest extent of the law no time limits apply. 

No matter how long it takes, interest applies. The damages must in addition to any debt owed but never investigated or any debt incurred by me Greg O'Dell by law written in Texas DOES NOT APPLY SUCH AS ATTORNEY FEES OR ANY PRIVATE INVESTIGATE COST ECT………..

Two Weeks have past since a telephone conference Jourdanton Texas

They Know and there has not been a gap shorter than 90 days from the original complaint 7 years ago

DGO The CEO Held Responsible
See O'Dell Summary Best 'Situational Knower' That You Plagiarized
I kindly Critiqued a General Using Material Gain Federal Funding
 Congressman in 2010

Victims of Texas Houston Se Systems 
               Theft by Government Acquisitions
My Own Intellectual Property
Quest Laboratories’ Satire Inc.
End Credits Gorgonian Coral Crinoid and Sponges Komodo Nation Park Indonesia
Terrorism Technical Support Office Terrorists within 
The USA!
by a Situated Knower 

United States Citizens are not a “social cultural intelligence" at war with CTTSO Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office defending a Budget not the USA.  
*Human Observation and Good Judgment
"Run Suzanne Hide In The Metal Bathtub They armed with cannon!"

The best example I can think of are criminal charges against the state of Texas that were manipulated through these systems to falsify terrorist attacks on the United States of America that failed to protect the Oklahoma Bombing, and Osama Bin Laden 20 years of Terror Attacks and finally to Protect Texas State Sponsored Terrorists Under RP08.

See the face of danger lurking in the basement of a laboratory I escape from in Texas:

If this is the Problem and it is from Personal Experience an example that follows that is associated by systems and live human beings to trigger an aerial Military attack example 2 of hundreds as follows: 

Still Waiting for another 'Situated Knower'
Any FBI Agent Will Do
The FBI To Investigate Empirical

 12. ADVANCED ANALYTIC CAPABILITIES Mission Identify, prioritizes, and executes research and development projects that satisfy interagency requirements to improve sense making, decision making, and data management for counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, stabilization/ re-construction missions, and cyber defense

14 | in austere and denied areas of operations. Currently available sensor systems and automated analysis tools are optimized for kinetic operations, while manual observations of social cultural intelligence place forces in harm’s way. Manual observation is also subject to biases in human observation and judgment. As a result, social cultural intelligence often Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office

More Money Will Not Help the Problem if going into a new program has the same fundamental foundational problems such S-CAPS and what CTTSO is defending a standalone budget:

15. Advanced Analytic Capabilities several improvements to the base S-CAPS system, which included augmentations to allow for multiple sensor suites, practically oriented views such as a geospatial view (which allows for labeling and diagramming the collection environment), and the ability to link these views and sensors to the existing S-CAPS social cultural model Goes unexploited

Need Solutions stop experimenting audio and visual "situational awareness"  plagiarized from a 'situated knower omnipresence' job producers of America (Already Cited You Once 2010):

See O'Dell Summary 2014

DOJ Unanswered 6 Months 
Criminal Charges Against The State of Texas
Submitted To The Honorable John Kerry
United States State Department
Consequential Damages Mediation 
Pay ME

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'So They Did' 04/26/2015 Robotics Kill

A Loss not to just us but To Atascosa County, Texas, and the U.S.A
O'Dell Labs Computer was stolen and connected to the web patent thief and patent pending thief
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