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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Can Not Be Extorted Bribed Rewarded Threatened His Own People Murdered Abused Oppressed

Six Years of Abuse
"Protect and Serve Themselves"
Actions Benighted of Protective Agencies
By Ignorance By Intent or Disconnected from the Reality of Things

Thank God Their Are Too Many Witness and Empirical Evidence
He Cannot Be Discredited

Shame Upon Texas

Sworn In A Texas Court of Law
By Two Witnesses

The People In These Groups and Those of  Public Trust
Must Be Brought Before A Court Of  Law And Be Prosecuted
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I Expect It To Be Done
In Timely Orderly Manner
Each One Brought Before A Magistrate
Post Bond or Confinement 
Until Their Scheduled Court Date

These Are Criminal Charges not a Civil Suit

Public Notice
Gregory O'Dell
South Central Texas

I Have Been Extorted Bribed Threatened 
I Am Not Walking Away When Texans Have Been

Murdered Abused Oppressed
Causation Already Establish

By The Texas Tea Party Insurrection and Rebellion against The United States of America

Not Free Speech
It Cost Me Everything I Own
And Almost My Life
And You Can Take That Too!

Your Too Late!
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