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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The DOJ Alerted Concerning Tea Party Economic Terrorism In 2009 Did Nothing

Texas Tea Party Economic Terrorism

Texas Fusion Centers Ordered To Turn Blind Eye Activity of
White Supremacy Murder Squads 

Thousands of Valid Criminal Complaints Ignored by The DOJ 
Victims Expense Reimbursement Tea Party Rebellion April 2009   

by:  Arctotraveler  

Sat Oct 20, 2012 at 02:22 PM CDT 

Texas State Sponsored Terrorism 

"I believe that I and many other Texans that are known to me, and a matter of court record, are the victims of the 'Texas Tea Party Rebellion April 2009' founded by Texas Governor Rick Perry and reported at the time to law enforcement. 

Texas citizens were targeted as Political Adversaries, no matter what other reasons for due cause were used to target, were attacked by non-lethal weapons, lethal bio-weapons, gang stalking, terrorists threats, life threatening police swatting, targeted subjects of human experimentation, refused eligible benefit compensation, denied due process, hacking, endangering censorship, bio-location devices, mafia style attacks by rogue agents of an illegal militia, including attacks by military aircraft."

The consequences of Texas incumbents using electronic devices as well as other weapons to hold seats of power were so far reaching; their actions affected the economy and health on a global scale, which is considered International Terrorism. 

How to file a Victims of Crime Reimbursement for Damages Expenses Claim "Texas Tea Party Rebellion April 2009" 

full article at this link:

   Report OIG Tea Party Terroist Everything Is Broken G N ODell 03152009 by Gregory O'Dell
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