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Monday, October 7, 2013

Victims of Crime What's Missing? Connection and Memberships To The Aryan Brotherhood Texas (ABT)

Texas Leadership and The Aryan Brotherhood

 To Texas State Offices Associated with Neoconservative Texas Leadership

Texas Fusion Centers Used To Target 
Political Opponents 

While Ordered To Let ABT Murder Squads To 
Walk About Freely for a Decade

My family gets stalked by a low attitude border drone under the control of Governor Rick Perry and deadly force for five years, 
While Aryan Brotherhood Murder Squad Is Assisted By the State of Texas?

How Many Work In State And Federal Offices That Have Access To and can Manipulate Federal and State Data?

We Do Know Of One - How Many More Are Embedded In Government Agencies?

Who Can Forcefully Harm Others and 
Not Pay the Price?
  1. HHS Reference No. 64035254 Abuse of Texas Seniors, Disabled and Children
  2. HHS Reference No. 64065569 Retaliation Fraud and abuse by Texas Victims  of Crime and OCR Dallas
  3. Damages Texas Tea Insurrection And Rebellion Treason
  4. Damages Incurred No Compensation Texas Tea Party Insurrection and Rebellion Treason 
  5. ADA Retaliation
  6. Abuse of Congressional Power
  7. Reporting Bio-Hazard Nuclear Reward No Greater Than $500,000 USD
  8. Unpaid Compensation Political Targeting Abuse of Senatorial Powers
  9. Terrorist Bombing Saudi Arabia Retaliation Mexico Stalking With Deadly Force By The State of Texas
  10. International Terrorist Bombing Stalking By Deadly Force Over International Boundaries
  11. Unpaid Reward Merck and Compensation Fed Netted $322 Million
  12. Denied Claim That Should Already Be Process by Texas Victims of Crime
  13. Should Have Already Been Transferred by Law To Texas To Be Paid Along With The Fort Hood Office Shooting by Order of Texas Senator John Cornyn
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