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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Penetrating Federal Manipulation They Sure Did Leave Town In Hurry

They Sure Did Leave Town In Hurry
Did They Experiment On Their Own Children
or Members of Congress or the Senate?

Now These Guys Are Protecting Me
I Am Glad Their Cannons Are Ready
Don't Come Around A Night
This Is Me and This Is Your Brain

Master of Self-Defense
Penetrating the Obscure Jungle of Federal Data Manipulation
Volunteer Federal Aviation First Responder

Federal Aviation Administration
April 2000 – Present (13 years 7 months)|Atascosa County Texas
Report And Respond To Downed Or Suspicious Aircraft

Identified a break in National Security and worked with Congressman Henry Cuellar to now include Federal First Responders single point reporting with the Texas State Emergency Response System. Anyone who holds a Valid FAA certificate can now participate from any location 24/7 adding thousands of eyes and ears to our National Security Network.

Federal Data manipulation which is a matter of national security violated by the RICO Act changed or deletes my file in the Oklahoma data base for all FAA certificate holders. Certificate holders have been tracked for 25 Years. 

Make no assumption, it is important to known where we are at because by Federal law we must act as First Responders excluded from the Texas State wide Communications Interoperability Plan 2008 – 2010 Version 1.1 scam plan by Governor Rick Perry; however, Obama was elected cutting him off from lining his pockets with gold. Texas Governor Rick Perry still gets 98 billion - I report!

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