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Friday, September 26, 2014

VA Data Manipulation Claim has been on appeal sense 2006 Go Navy!

This was not An Act By The VA
He traveled so far and knock on every door until one opened
"A Church That Has Been In Operation for Over 500 Years"

Perhaps Divine Intervention
More Resignations To Come
The Tea Party Was An Act of Terrorism
The DOJ Did Not Act
When Domestic Surveillance Protects The Innocent 

Eight Years is Over the Limit after OIG Investigation

Please Be Advised That Name Gregory N. O’Dell (or Gregory N. Odell) is now included on the Registry for 
Ionizing Radiation, Agent Orange, Herbicides, and Toxic chemicals as of my last appointment on 
June 27, 2012 at the Frank M. Tejeda Veterans Hospital, San Antonio Texas; although, this information 
was given to the VA on several occasions, since first going to the Audi Murphy hospital after discharge [from welford hall Hospital links all the way to broken bones while on active duty (blog update11/07/2014)]. 
These exposures have been empirically demonstrated to have existed from Military Service to the Present 
Time. 362/Core1FG File Number 456-13-5816 Gregory N. O’Dell

Your confirmation number is 89317
Your application has been sent to the Houston Regional Office 

HOUSTON, TX  77030-4200

Gregory O'Dell 

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