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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Satellite Surveillance Should Be Use to Find Shallow Graves South Texas

Pena Wilson County DA Attorney 9/11 Attack Says 
‘First Responders Don’t  Mean Shit’

Dead Babies Don’t Take Things off the Shelf

In Atascosa County We had to use  backhoes to dig up hundreds of Bodies During Bush Rick Perry Years

First Post 09/11/2014
Greg Abbott Office Say He Has No Jurisdiction Over Texas District Attorney Actions

FBI Finds Paperwork Who Got The Money And Watch Out For Flying Objects

 ‘First Responders Don’t  Mean Shit (Wilson County Rene Pene' District Attorney Texas South Texas Trevino Attorney At Law)

Why Waste The Time To File A Police Report In Texas 

Part II
No Place But Texas Could This Get This Screwed Up!

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Better Intel Than Trillions wasted on Domestic Surveillance

Mr. Triveno Attorney Wilson County Texas DA  Ask Me To  Publish His Response to criminal investigations filed by protocol to Several Terrorist Bombings and acts of Mass destruction Today 

The Anniversary of the 9/11 Attack 
so I did

‘First Responders Don’t  Mean Shit’

Gregory O'Dell 2 weeks ago
Welcome to CTTSG "What is was I was trying to tell Mr. Trevino when he interrupted my warning to you but glad you said and they saved it!"

Gregory O'Dell 8 seconds ago

Have CIA Papers will travel Kens5 contact Us on 'What Matters' ISSL OSAMA Fort Hood My IVERP Applications Senator Cornyn Claimed or Blamed Obama Would Not Pay?

 My applications and sworn affidavit in Rene Pene' DA office - Never Went To The Federal Government They Gave It To The Texas Victims of Crime! The Texas Victims of crime DA Wilson County Texas Office is still a valid ADA Complaint Against UT Texas with The Dallas OCR because they retaliated with military force. I Am A New Mexican 'State Dominical' 

They Have No Jurisdiction In Texas and Congressman Henry Cuellar is In Big Trouble with New Mexico, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, China, Britain, Italy and the United States State Department for play acting as the State Department of United States when he is the just the "Texas State Department of Foreign Espionage" 

When Governor Rick Perry Screwed The Eagle Ford Shale Stakeholders by making a deal with several countries that are banned or require John Kerry diplomacy not Redneck Intel because just as John Boehner just realized "They Are Trying To Kill Us" or why anybody like me and my family would go to the FBI for help!
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Gregory O'Dell 4 seconds ago

Welcome to CTTSG and just maybe this time they won't fail see this page
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Tejas 2 weeks ago  -  Shared publicly

Pena Wilson County DA Attorney 9/11 Attack Says ‘First Responders Don't Mean Shit’
Greg Abbott Office Say He Has No Jurisdiction Over Texas District Attorney  Actions That Explains A lot Mr. Triveno Attorney  Wilson County Texas DA  Ask Me To  Publish His Response to criminal investigations filed by protocol to Several Terrorist Bombings...


Tejas 2 weeks ago

Human Interrogation Torture of Texans Approved By Rick Perry Greg Abbott ADA Retaliation Complaint Valid Criminal and Civil Suit Several South Texans "Hey Joe let's screw with the Comatose Patient" "Hell Jim I didn't know he 

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