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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Its A Merck Inversion Mortality Spike 1/2 Million Dead U.S. Border District Account for 1/2

Texas District Attorney Greg Abbott 
Backroom Court

Teleconference Clarence Thomas 
250,000 Dead Merck Dead
Reported to Congress

Merck 2Q profit more than doubles
The Associated Press - By LINDA A. JOHNSON - AP Business Writer
23 minutes ago
FCC CDC HHS FBI 1/2 mil Dead South Tex  : Houston Se They Are Killers Its A Merck Inversion Conversion
Go Ahead Texas Vote Red? 
Vote for GOP Republican Death!
 Go Ahead Texas Vote Red? 
Keep Texas Communist GOP Red
Close To 1/2 A Million Deaths
Contributed To Tea Party Insurrection and Rebellion 
Reported to The Highest Level of DHS
Koch Bothers They Are Killers
Demand an Actual body count of the Dead Excavated and Those estimated in unmarked graves
Report by The Perfect Watch "She's A Queen" 07/29/2014

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