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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just Good Old Horse Sense

George Strait comes from Poteet Texas "Strawberry fields forever"
“Strawberry Fields Forever”
Knows a Smart Horse When he Sees One
The Real McCoy
“Strawberry Fields Forever”

Spiritually uplifting stories compiled by Suzanne Cash and Gregory O'Dell today December 3rd 2004 [Rejected by 501c non-profit IRS status illegally; a $250,000.00 investment that put teenagers through college instead of induction into gangs].

Strawberry - the small, red fleshly accessory fruit of a stolen-bearing plant of the rose family.
Field - A wide stretch of open land
Forever - for eternity, for always [We are not going away prosecute today]

.... and the man, desperately hanging from a [Texas Executive] branch on the side of the mountain, knowing that he couldn't climb the sheer cliff or let go of the branch [Resign] because he would drop to his death - knowing that this was the end [of his political career] he looked over his shoulder and saw a [fellow Texan in distress - US] strawberry plant growing out of the side of the mountain with a beautiful, luscious red strawberry on it. He reached out and picked the strawberry, bit into it, and said [bites the forbidden fruit of knowledge ‘That poisonous tree” a violation of intrusive privacy] "What a delicious [fellow Texans I did have the pleasure to know so inherently] Strawberry!"

Why We Should Develop Trails for Horseback Riding away from the streets and highways for disabled veterans
SA River Park South Just One Sport for Disabled Veterans

267 SAPD will be laid off this year what about mounted police?

All My X-Governors Live In Texas
Original Posting 07/29/2013

I Say I Say Texas Governors That Is

Sri GregO The Texas Hindu, "By Transcendental Meditation I Go There Each Night" The Ghost of the Governor Mansion Missed Christmases Past

Crimes Against Humanity Is No Game

Keep On Playing Them Mind Games Texas Real Abuse, Murder, Suicide 

Sikh temple massacre gunman [was a Texan] 'white supremacist' Wade Michael

A Simple Essay Turned Into A Nightmare:
"One By Land Two By Sea Can Elephants Actually Swim (2005)?"

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