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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Freedom of Information Data Integrity Correction Act 

Video Replaced With Something More Definitive

Financial Decimation for Reporting Terrorist Acts of Mass Destruction

"Ways and Means for you to correct any data stored by the custodians of your Private Information State or Federal, without any disclosure required by any State or Federal Agency with our without objection":

Hand write your own personal FBI, CIA, NSA Dossier file, you may need an attorney to help you with a complete package to show your profile, history, family tree, or other private information that you do or do not wish 
Most would be short story such as a CV or resume, while others who have been abuse by Sharing Personal Information or misleading information would be a short book or perhaps less than 200 pages. 

*Book ‘um - Write Your Own Small Book Listing Detail(s) That is a Matter of fact. 

“Language—any language or data programs—have a tendency to migrate overtime to the complex- away from truth or safe security simplicity.” 

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