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Friday, November 22, 2013

Somebody Needed To Say It or How Can We Fix Something That Is Broken

Dallas Office of Civil Rights
You Have The Complaints In You Hands

Programmers in the witness protection program hired by the Republican GOP to write programs that control your behavior by fear and oppression. You have several of my complaints with my signature and witnesses and we can provide more witnesses and point to death and suicide. I suggest you stop these programs today before someone gets murdered or commits suicide today or tomorrow as we have been seeing in the press

Other Ways and Means of Social Psychological Political Terrorism

Hang Um High
Do You Know How People
Have Committed Suicide or Killed
Others because of this type of
Google Federally Funded
Ad Nonsense?

I Am Counting!

 We Just Lost Another One Now We Take Care 
of Her Son 
Where Is Mommy?

The 'Have You Been Arrested Ad' and Site
Is Not Correct
Class Action Suit Number 1

The Direct Assault Includes Mail  Box Tampering
And Holding of Medicines
Police Report Filed Criminals Identified No Arrest?

"Lunacy Tagging" Criminal Case Filed OCR Dallas
Class Action Civil Along with Criminal Prosecution

Another Victim of their own Road Kill
Class Action Number 2
More Then a Threat When They Deliver The Road Kill In Your Drive Way
Social Psychological Attack as If  You Have Done Something Wrong
Class Action Suit 2
When Senators Obstruct Justice By Attacking
The United States Attorney General
Remote Electronic Voter Fraud Texas
Why The United Nations is Coming Back To Texas
False Allegations by your Neighbor Who’s Got Connections with The Police And Fire Marshal Reported to the Dallas OCR April 2008 and Texas Railroad Commission and the criminal Is Still not in Jail and Just Did the same thing again to somebody else!
The Following is A result of a Federal Agent Who Thought I Was
Retaliating Against Them
As If I was A Prostitute Demanding Payment
Resolved but How Many Other People Are At Risk?
Somebody Needed To Say This or How Can We Fix Something 
If Nobody Stands Up and Says Something?

No Investigator Must Mean They Are The Criminals! Don't Make Be Your Quality Assurance Program and send me another bogus letter, when I can fill a courtroom with witnesses to point there would be no room in court for spectators! February 12, 2013

  VA Entitlement Board 
Saturday Night Early Special Criminal Posting 61 days tell Christmas One A Violation A Day Until Christmas  It Is Healthy for both You and Me! Why Don't You Just Come Clean Does A Sealed Indictment  Got Your Tongue **************************
Electronic Human Exploitation
                                     House Explodes                                                                             
An Article Sent Me On FaceBook As My Whole Family Viewed After Being Denied A Valid VA Entitlements Claim In Texas Reported To The FBI At The Time Of The Event
Hearing Poor Lowest Level Due
To Service Connect Noise Hazard
After Senator Cornyn Says The VA Has Read Your Records For Hearing Loss And It Was The Opinion of The Doctor of Gulf State VA Auditory That Your Hearing Loss Is Not Service Connected. If you think I associate any of this to my claim you are mistaken. I am counting on the FBI they are the experts.
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