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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Billions Mineral Rights Theft

The Economy Restored Several Times Destroyed by 
Tea Party Right Wing Mob Opinion
Billions Mineral Rights Theft Texas
David Dewhurst enters the US Texas Senate campaign last month with "Tell Obama To Stop Waging War Against Texas." 

How can these Texas politicians be so misinformed? I say, David Dewhurst, stop giving Obama credit for my hard work!  Suffering the web for hours to find a Tea Party Sympathizer, I found an interesting article that tells the tale of  Tea Party big lie, "The second response is purely political-and Orwellian.  It is to repeat ad nauseum the Big Lie that this is the Tea Party downgrade, attributable lock, stock, and barrel to the failure of the Tea Party caucus in Congress to even countenance taxes as a part of any debt ceiling deal." 

The author claims the credit rating was based on bad math calculations by the Obama Administration; however, memories are short and I wrote a valid justified complaint to the Office of the Inspector General April 2009 with concerns that the Tea Party is a Right Wing Extremist Group with one objective, to remove the first black president of the United States of America. 

In fact, I was specific with my concerns again last summer when our infrastructure fell apart with the BP Oil Spill, the main attraction based on discriminatory acts of hatred and narcissism in a post as follows:  In April 2009, Rick Perry succeeded from the Union founding an organized  rebellion (paid for by the state)  by posting the 'Stop' web page instructing all Texas employees to group together [Those that did not co-operate faced termination from their job] and rebel against the Constitution of the United States as members of  the  "Tea Party" rebellion, targeting not just the new presidential administration but the Honorable Barack Obama personally. 

Rick Perry and his cronies, wealthy corporate owners and investors have just declared "War on the EPA" a statement just mentioned verbally in the state of Texas by a private citizens is enough to be harassed, arrested, and/or jailed by Law Enforcement for an unknown length of time waiting for Terrorist Threat charges to be collaborated by Texas District Attorneys.  Texas Steals Oil Rights 001: http://iamnotanonymousihaveana...  Texas Steals Oil Rights 002: http://www.burntorangereport.c...  Full Article Link:
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