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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ways and means to fund the Pan American Railways

One of many ways to fund a transportation system of such magnitude could be trillions of tons of natural gas that is in the way of oil extraction near the Texas town of Artesia Wells in La Salle County Texas. Tons of natural gas has been burned off into the atmosphere, when the resource can fund infrastructure projects, in South Texas an energy alternative to other countries, who may participate in projects such as the Pan American Railway as a US joint venture - A Way to Jobs Now.

Natural gas saves on scarce water resources as an alternative to water used in the fracking process, a new technique developed by Texas A&M University called “The Natural Gas Fracking Process.”

The way Texas highway systems were engineered allows the laying of rail now on property owned by the state and federal government highway systems and property were the track once lay. Many towns such as Lytle Texas still have the old town fascia architecture facing tracks that are active with rail freight and once a depot for passengers to board and the US Postal service used for parcels and mail delivery.

Natural gas can also be way to fuel the rail lines and electrical generating plants in countries such as Costa Rica. Half of all electrical power is lost between the power plant and the consumer, so why not build small plants near the consumers and stimulate productive trade with those countries along the rail lines path. In addition, the Pan American railway would stimulate co-operation in the realm of academia and basic education, which reduces the population explosion, provides medicine and care for the sick and aging. 

One of our oldest cities in the U.S.A., San Antonio Texas is the most northern route of the old Pan American freeway, and will be celebrating her 500th birthday soon. The Hemisphere world fair 1968 was the last large cooperative economic summit that brought the Americans together as one people sharing the same dream – The American Dream!

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